Monday, October 17, 2011

Ode to Working Mothers - with apologies to Rudyard Kipling

If you can be queasy morn after morn
And not complain, or tell others why
If you can keep up 'til the baby is born
But never allow an occasional sigh;
If you can fly to Dubai, jet-lag be damned
to negotiate, standing in for your boss
And still make the egg hunt as planned
But miss the first word, and not give a toss;

If you can climb the ladder, rung by rung
And get the results you yourself demanded
And not dwell on the lullabies a nanny sung
And focus instead on the deals you landed;
If you can make the most of every meeting
And catch the early train and bolt home
If you treasure each moment no matter how fleeting
and always make your priorities known;

If you can endure sudden illness at night
Or nerves, or bullies, or allergies, lice
Despite having to - must - go catch a flight
If you can be ruthless while still being nice--
If you have a partner who's willing to share
And can trust and depend on your sitter
If you can work late without much of a care
And miss bakesales, etc., without being bitter-

If you can arrange playdates while busy commuting
And stay ahead of the game, the trends and all this
If can juggle it all without losing your footing
And see all that you have, and not what you miss;
If you can beat those at the top (men)
If you can do this - and avoid all the drama
Then yours is the Industry - you'll be the Captain!
And what's more, your kids will be proud of you, Mama!

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